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Virtual Reality and Astronomy

  • How 3D cinema and Virtual Reality works
  • Make a cardboard VR they take home
  • Experiment with the same concept used in Astronomy for measuring distance of stars
  • Suitable for 9 - 12 years old students

Did you know the same concept used for VR has been known by astronomers?


This diagram shows how the star B changes it's relative position as earth rotates around the sun, same idea as how our left and right eye see things differently!

A word with parents

This course is focusing on our visual understanding of the environment around us, and how our brains perceive the world: it uses imagery received by two eyes, and processes them to match the two different pictures. The brain then extracts data such as distance by compiling the differences in the two images. It is fascinating how we are doing this every day!
Using a cardboard VR set helps students to build it as a craft device and thoroughly understand this concept. Next time they go to cinema watching a 3D movie they have full understanding of what is happening.
Another concept touched in this course is the Parallax method, which uses the Earth’s movement to measure the distance of close stars. Students can see how easily the same concept of “left-eye right-eye” is applied in astronomy and they take part in an activity that measures the real distance of a close star. They get a taste of how creativity works in terms of applying what they know in a complete different field.


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